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How to Customize Your Vacant Emails in Your Hotmail

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Hotmail is customized as the most reliable and trustworthy free web based email service which is well known for its advanced features. Hotmail is said to be a unique email service which gives lots of exciting functions and let the users to do the mailing works and also make them able to send and receive emails. Meanwhile, it is very helpful for the personal as well as for the professional use. Everyone wants a suitable platform to communicate with the friends and relatives, and Hotmail provides such kind of platform to all its users. There are the times, when you usually face some problems in it. Hotmail Tech Support Service provides you and helps you to give the perfect measures to resolve the all issues.

Many times, you are not active on your email account as you are going to anywhere or due to any reason. Then there is the option to set vacant reply to the recipients who send you email. This is very useful for you as the senders get the info that you are not active right now and you will come back soon. You can set this easily by just getting some measures by the tech support team Hotmail.

Measures to set vacant reply are:

  • At first, select Options and More Options from the Hotmail toolbar.
  • Now follow the link of Sending automated vacation replies below the option of Managing your Account.
  • Make sure that Send Vacation replies to people who email is selected.
  • Type the desired out of office message below the Enter the message you would like to send when you are absent.
  • Possibly include the approximate info on when you get back.
  • Who to contact in that time or an alternative way of reaching you might also be appropriate.
  • Generally, keep the message simple, like- I am not able to give you reply, I will come back soon.
  • The subject Hotmail uses for the automatic replies is Vacant Reply, by the way.
  • If you usually get email from the people not yet in your Hotmail contact list, make sure that option of Only Reply to your Contacts is not checked.
  • Then finally click to Save.

Turn off the Hotmail Auto Res-ponder:

In order to disable the auto reply when you back, you can follow the above listed measures but be sure that Don’t Send any Vacation Replies is selected.

After the above mentioned measures, you may surely and easily set vacant reply in your Hotmail Account when you are not active. If there is any problem arises while optimizing the process or you are in trouble then you can contact to the Hotmail Phone Number 0800 098 8424 to get the instant solutions and useful measures to resolve the issues with the help of third party technical experts team. You may also get 24*7 help and support by the skilled and experienced technicians to fix down the issues instantly.

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